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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

eventuosity is a cloud-based software application for managing the people, resources and logistics associated with events.
eventuosity is a software platform that works on all common web browsers as well as on iOS and Android devices. Wherever your events are taking place, you have access to all planning and management data.
eventuosity is used by event planners of all kinds including: trade show organizers, association managers, event marketers, non-profit leaders, sales administrators, corporate trainers, and more.
eventuosity is flexible enough to be used in planning virtually any type of event. More importantly, you can use eventuosity templates for things like trade shows, sales meetings, non-profit galas and more to quickly build tasks, schedules, resource lists and budgets line items that are most commonly used in events like the one you’re planning.
eventuosity is available in different packages that are built to be only a small percentage of your event budget. Find the eventuosity package that fits your number of events and team size to reduce planning time, cut event costs, and optimize resources for improved event ROI. In many cases, the efficiencies gained with eventuosity pay back your subscription price after just one event.
Yes. An email address is all that’s needed to make someone a participant in your event. Once they’re in your project they can be given a role, assigned tasks and resources, or invited to a sub-event.
Yes. Event participants can be assigned different permission levels that provide access appropriate to their role in your project.
Planning an event can be a complex project. eventuosity allows you to manage that project from the very first planning meeting to the final report by setting a start and an end date of which the event itself is only one part. Each open project counts as an event.
None! Every eventuosity user gets access to the full product feature set (if not a custom deployment). Only the number of open projects and number of administrators differ from one package to another.
Yes. eventuosity is available for free for 30 days with absolutely no up-front commitment.
You can upgrade your eventuosity account at any time or call us for a custom package quote.
eventuosity phone and email support are available through our website’s Support page. The Support page also includes tutorial videos, product documentation and other resources available to view and download.
eventuosity can be tailored to fit the needs of any event planner. Please call or email us for a custom package quote.

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