Moving From Spreadsheets to Eventuosity 29 Dec, 2017

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Congratulations on upgrading your event management with Eventuosity! We know you’re excited to finally ditch your spreadsheets but that there may be some important information in them you need to keep. This post will guide you through the process of importing spreadsheet data to Eventuosity.
Continue working on existing projects without losing or re-entering data and start building your template library by converting your files to Eventuosity projects now.


Spreadsheet Prep
XLS Tutorial
Coming to Eventuosity from Excel or Google Sheets? Follow a few simple guidelines to prepare your files for a successful import.
Test the import process with these small sample files. Or paste in your own data for the quickest path to converting your spreadsheets.
Need to see the import process in action? Watch this short demonstration video to see how to move your spreadsheets into Eventuosity.


Last Updated On January 02, 2018