7 Statistics Every Event Marketer Should Know 11 Aug, 2017

If you’re an event marketer you know that “human conversation remains the primary way people make complex purchases.”  That is why exhibitions, immersive brand experiences, and other events have continued to grow as a marketing channel – even in an age of always-on, digital communication.

These 7 statistics show us not only how large the event marketing sector is, but the importance that marketers place on it and the value their companies receive in return.

Event Marketer Infographic

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The Statistics

  1. Annual global spending on B2B events is over 1/2 TRILLION dollars
  2. This represents 5 straight years of growth in events as a marketing channel
  3. CMO’s recognize the value of events.  One-third of them will invest over 21% of their marketing budget in face-to-face marketing this year.
  4. Of the marketing budgets allocated to events, the average amount invested will exceed 41%.
  5. The return on investment is clear – close rates increase 20% when prospects are face-to-face with salespeople.
  6. Plus, events are a goldmine for data about your customers and prospects.  That is why 75% of marketers are looking for better integration of event and marketing data in their CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.
  7. Overall, event marketers rank tradeshows and events as the 2nd most effective marketing channel, behind only their website.