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What Is Eventuosity Enterprise

Event planners may be very different in the way they work and their events reflect that. So eventuosity is built to be flexible enough for any type of event project. If our Essentials package isn’t a perfect fit for your business, just let us know. We’ll create a custom set of tools that works exactly the way that you do. Provide some basic information and we’ll follow up with an enterprise quote.



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  • FULLY-CUSTOMIZABLE event toolkit for your business
  • Subscription pricing and set-up fees based on configuration
  • No limits on number of events
  • ADMINISTRATIVE-LEVEL access assignable to team members
  • USER-DEFINED roles/permission profiles
  • UNLIMITED staff, vendors, and attendees
  • EXTENDED INTEGRATION with CRM, Marketing Automation, Calendar, and Contact Management applications
  • PLUS INTEGRATION with Travel, Expense Management, Accounting, and other business platforms
  • Registration and ticketing functionality
  • On-Boarding, Data Migration, Training, and Support Services
  • CUSTOM Template builds

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