Eventuosity is the official planning application of Event Tech Live 21 Feb, 2017

Eventuosity is the official planning application of Event Tech Live

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A.M.P. Events Limited and Eventuosity, LLC Announce Partnership eventuosity is the Official Planning and Management Application of Event Tech Live LONDON, ENGLAND (UNITED KINGDOM) AND NARBERTH, PA (UNITED STATES) February 21, 2017 – A.M.P Events Limited and Eventuosity, LLC today announced a partnership making eventuosity the exclusive event planning and management […]

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3 ways eventprofs must adapt to a changed workplace 02 Feb, 2017

3 ways eventprofs must adapt to a changed workplace

As an event-tech supplier, we speak with corporate, association, non-profit, and independent event organizers every day about bringing change to our profession through the use of technology.  But none of us are promoting change for change’s sake (nobody has time for that).  Our discussions stem from a shared vision of a world where eventprofs are recognized for […]

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Eventuosity Product Overview Presentation 01 Jan, 2017

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Take a quick but detailed look at Eventuosity’s features and benefits. Click to view slides and transcript in Google Slides.  

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3 Reasons Now Is The Time To Embrace Innovation In Event Planning 30 Nov, 2016


We recently read these three interesting posts regarding innovation in events and meetings. Taken together, they paint a clear picture of the competitive and strategic importance of technology adoption by event planners. Implementation of new tools and processes doesn’t need to happen all at once, but taking the first steps on the event-tech path will […]

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Building a Business Case for Event Technology 16 Nov, 2016

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Though you may have recognized the added value of event technology to your events process and the events ecosystem as a whole, you may still need to convince others in your organization. If you find that you’re competing for resources to purchase event technology or you must argue for the buy-in of management or peers […]

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Event Planner Stress – Analysis Part 2 20 Oct, 2016

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Recently, we took a look at the factors that influence event planner stress using the 5 Whys problem solving methodology.  The objective of the analysis, was to provide our profession with a deeper understanding of what causes planner stress in order to move us out of the Top 10 most-stressed profession lists that we’ve been on for […]

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Infographic: 4 Stages of Event-Tech Evolution 14 Oct, 2016


If you’re still struggling to improve efficiency, insight, and quality control in your event planning process, it’s time to enter the Event-Tech Age Way back in the 20th Century, the needs of event planners to efficiently perform multiple tasks and organize people, information, and documentation led to the discovery of the first event technology.  Though event-tech has […]

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3 Questions To Ask On The Way To Improving Event ROI 07 Oct, 2016

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Focus on the inputs to your ROI equation in order to maximize results Lead generation, member recruitment, and brand awareness are all important metrics that indicate an event’s success.  But when it comes to event ROI, you can’t maximize performance without keeping control of spending, staff, inventory and other resources that go into your event. […]

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Phrase of the Day: Event Planner (An English Dictionary Definition) 26 Sep, 2016


Event Planner [ih-vent plan-er] noun An individual performing a job they weren’t formally trained for with tools that aren’t designed for it. English Dictionary’s Origin of the Phrase “Event Planner” (date unknown – 2016) Beginning with the first instances of commerce, often a marketing, sales, or administrative professional is assigned to manage a convergence of […]

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An Analytical Approach To De-Stressing Event Planning 15 Jun, 2016


This week, the events industry Twitter-verse and email marketing channels were full of the usual “event planner is one of the most stressful professions” posts.  A quick Google search of “event planner stress” returned studies dating back to 2011 where event coordinator fell between #4 and #10 on a variety of most-stressful lists.  Upon seeing […]

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