11 Eventuosity reporting, tracking, and quality control features that will make you trash your spreadsheets today 29 May, 2018

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  You can put a lot of data into spreadsheets but the trick is getting information back out. Whether your events are managed entirely with spreadsheets or those rows and columns are just one part of a patchwork event management toolkit, you’re putting event performance at risk by relying on manual “reporting” functionality.   eventuosity’s […]

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Webinar: Event-Tech Tips To Reduce Risk and Improve ROI 02 Feb, 2018

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  Live experiences serve as one of the most important marketing channels and personal touch points for any organization. So why would you put your events, or your brand, at risk by operating without the tools necessary to plan, monitor, and measure your experiences? Listen as Justin Panzer, C.E.O. of Eventuosity, discusses the importance of […]

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5 experts on why technology adoption needs to start now 21 Dec, 2017


In the world of events and meetings, innovation – and the technology adoption that enables it – is often put off in favor of achieving short-term objectives. You may have avoided the evaluation of new technology altogether because things have been working fine just the way they are; or you may have delayed looking at […]

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Why’s it so hard to be a trade show exhibitor? 14 Dec, 2017


I got lost yesterday. Actually, trapped is probably a more appropriate description of the situation.   While helping a client migrate data onto our platform before exhibiting at an upcoming trade show, I found myself wandering through a maze of websites, landing pages, and PDFs.  Once I found my way back out (to the show’s well-hidden […]

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30 Eventuosity updates for even better event planning 18 Oct, 2017

30 Eventuosity updates for even better event planning

Event managers can accomplish even more in even less time with these 30 Eventuosity updates, enhancements and add-ons.   Over several months, our team has been hard at work researching and building things to make Eventuosity do even more for our users.  We’re excited to announce 30 Eventuosity updates, new features, and platform enhancements that […]

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7 Statistics Every Event Marketer Should Know 11 Aug, 2017

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If you’re an event marketer you know that “human conversation remains the primary way people make complex purchases.”  That is why exhibitions, immersive brand experiences, and other events have continued to grow as a marketing channel – even in an age of always-on, digital communication. These 7 statistics show us not only how large the event […]

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3 Ways To Re-Think Standardization Of Meeting and Event Management 09 Jun, 2017


Standardization is a term that is often associated with technical or highly-regulated industries – not necessarily something applied to event and meeting management. But if we think of standardization as a way to attain repeatable and reliable results, then few professions appear more suited to a standards push than event planning; a world where control, […]

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5 common misconceptions about event technology adoption 16 May, 2017

Facts Myths Balance

As an event professional in 2017, there’s no doubt you’ve witnessed the increased role event technology is playing across all stages of the production lifecycle.  And while you may realize the positive impact technology can have on the event management process, you may conversely believe that those benefits are reserved for event marketers, planners, or producers that […]

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You’re not too busy to add a little event-tech to your life 30 Mar, 2017


Despite your incredibly busy life as an event professional, you’re not TOO busy to evaluate and adopt the event technology that will improve your management processes. In fact, being so busy is WHY you need event-tech. Click to view slides and transcript in Google Slides.  

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3 Reasons Event Professionals MUST Innovate Now 30 Mar, 2017


As an event professional, the risk of putting off upgrades to your personal skill set, processes, and tools is that your contribution to achieving organizational goals goes unnoticed or under-valued, thus reducing support for your events and, ultimately, having a negative impact on your career. So how can event and meeting professionals demonstrate value to an organization […]

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