About Us

Justin Panzer has always been the person in the group who organizes events. As a long-time marketing professional responsible for trade shows, product launch events, corporate training programs and more, Justin – like so many other event planners – became known for his prowess with color-coded, formula-laden spreadsheet

All along, it seemed clear there had to be a better way to plan events.

So to create a tool that would save time, lower event costs, and allow for collaborative planning of events without being too “technological” Justin recruited his mom, Marcy (an attorney and banking industry executive), to be the voice of non-techie reason. Add Justin’s brother Doug, a long-time software developer turned IP attorney, and eventuosity was born.

Our Team


Justin Panzer

Founder & CEO



Marcy Panzer

Founder & COO



Doug Panzer

Founder & CTO