5 experts on why technology adoption needs to start now 21 Dec, 2017

In the world of events and meetings, innovation – and the technology adoption that enables it – is often put off in favor of achieving short-term objectives. You may have avoided the evaluation of new technology altogether because things have been working fine just the way they are; or you may have delayed looking at new tools because you think you’ll need to set aside a boatload of time you can’t afford.
In actuality, those assumptions may not be accurate. But even if they are, sticking with the status quo in today’s environment may mean you’re risking long-term success for immediate gain. Consider what the five marketing, events, and meetings industry experts below have to say about upping your innovation game sooner rather than later.
“Meetings and Events are now considered a high-risk category of spend with big opportunities for fraud. As meeting spend is registering on company radars, so too is the interest in tightening meeting policy and meeting planning processes.” – American Express Global Business Travel
AMEX GBT 2018 Meetings and Events Forecast
learn“Automation, outsourcing, and new technology are pushing changes in the workforce that will require new skills. Meeting and event professionals must continue to prioritize career paths and workforce development, along with technology developments” – Sue Pelletier, Editor of MeetingsNet
5 Top Trends Shaping the Meetings Industry Today
proactive“Don’t wait for trouble. Be proactive. Because if you’re proactive, then you end up having to do less [work to change].” – Harvard Business Review IdeaCast with Freek Vermeulen of London Business School.
When Best Practices Backfire
Digital Business Transformation als Konzept“Digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have objective for the event industry. Event technology is the critical ingredient needed to evolve.” – Michelle Bruno of Bruno Signature Event Services and Event Tech Brief.
Stop the Ad Hoc Agony Of Working With Event-Technology Companies
marketing-funnel-attribution“CMOs must bring on more tools with better functionality to support spend allocation and measurement.” – Marketo
2018 Marketing Predictions
As we approach the start of a new year, it’s a perfect time re-assess your technology strategy and realize the benefit of those upgrades for an entire year.