5 common misconceptions about event technology adoption 16 May, 2017

As an event professional in 2017, there’s no doubt you’ve witnessed the increased role event technology is playing across all stages of the production lifecycle.  And while you may realize the positive impact technology can have on the event management process, you may conversely believe that those benefits are reserved for event marketers, planners, or producers that fit a different profile than yourself.

But why should increased productivity, reduced costs, improved attendee experience, and more insightful business decision-making not be available to you?  If you’ve put off upgrading your event management tools and processes for any of the following reasons, you may want to pay your event tech strategy another visit.

If you’ve ever thought:

1. Event-tech will eliminate my job, then you might want to read this article about the benefits of automating some of your work.  Put simply, events are a people business that can’t be completely automated.  Find event-tech to take the trivial stuff off your plate so that you can be more focused on the things that technology can’t do.

2. My boss will never give me the budget, consider how replacing things like spreadsheets, emails, and cloud-sharing folders with real management tools can give you access to actionable data on which to evaluate event performance and make business decisions.

3. I’m going to need my IT guys to help me, then you’ve possibly had a bad experience with some out-dated technology.  Cloud-based platforms and mobile-enabled apps mean nothing to install on your computer and should be as easy to use as your Internet browser.

4. I’m too busy to start anything new, consider implementing technology in stages to gain incremental benefits over time.  As you put technology in place to reduce your low-value work (refer back to #1), you’ll find busy time becoming more productive time with an easy-to-demonstrate return on your tech investment.

5. We’re too small, I’d actually argue that being a small company is the most compelling reason to adopt technology.  Using your limited resources more efficiently and making it easier to collaborate across stakeholder groups are just some of the ways that event technology can help a small business to differentiate itself in a competitive environment.

So…now what do you think?